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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 11:57 pm
After lots of paint and shuffling of furniture, my former office area has been transformed into my new scrapbook area (aka the "mom cave").  I had thought about taking over Kim's bedroom once she has left for university, but I like being out here where I can talk with Jack and the girls, watch tv, etc. 

desk BEFORE 

desk AFTER!  Midwifery books and piles of filing have been relocated, desk painted, supplies organized :-)

office area BEFORE (after I cleared most of the stuff out)

scrapbook area AFTER!  My desktop computer has been retired, and I have an extra table to spread out my own stuff, or have a friend over to work with me :-)  Julia will be happy to scrapbook at the new table too, and Charlotte will want her turn there to color or do a puzzle while I work.

north wall BEFORE

north wall - AFTER

bookshelf wall BEFORE

bookshelf wall AFTER!  Midwifery books and school binders have been relocated.  This temporary shelf holds my albums and photo boxes until I can get my hands on an Expedit ;-)

I made this Wordle about scrapbooking, printed and framed it.

And of course, my space has a few of my favorite things... dark chocolate peanut m&m's !

And I love my desktop wallpaper ;-)

After Jack helped me move my desk back into place, I moved everything else back and set things up.  What a great man to work so hard on his days off to create a space just for me (and paint it purple!!) - he's a keeper!

I still have pictures to hang, and the rest of the basement is an unholy mess but I can deal with that another day.  It's time for this tired (but happy) mama to go to bed!