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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 04:59 pm

Despite my tendency to stay indoors, I promised the girls a picnic so I packed up some food and away we went.

Ham & turkey with cheese and veggies on fresh ciabatta buns - mom makes better sandwiches than any deli could ;-)

Trying to get myself in the picture for a change - I have to come out from behind the lens once in a while I guess.  (and I love how my sweet Charlotte is looking up at me :-)

The seasons are a-changing

After we ate, the girls played in the park for a while.

Charlotte has learned how to 'pump' her legs on the swing - she doesn't need mama to push her anymore!

After the park?  In to the pool!  "Just up to my chin, ok mommy?"

Julia taking a dive!

With the picnic, park, and pool behind us, it was time for some ice cream and a movie in the basement.  It's turned out to be quite a hot day, about 29 degrees! 

Hopefully tonight Jack and I can start moving furniture back in place and I can slowly set up my 'mom cave' over the next few days.