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Saturday, December 24th, 2011 09:37 pm
I wanted to carve out some time for Abby this season so this morning I went through all of my 2011 pictures and selected pictures that I'll use in her memorial album.  Cemetery pictures, her birthday and angelversary pictures and such.  We looked for the Christmas flowers that we usually take to Abby but couldn't find them, and that led to the decision to go do a quick shopping trip.  Yep, we braved Walmart on Christmas Eve and it was surprisingly quick and painless! 

Some of the 150 gingerbread cookies we baked and decorated the other day.

It was A LOT of cookies, but we all had fun decorating

Kim made this "mama with twins" cookie :-)

Charlotte balancing on the arm of the rocker recliner to reach the brass tree ornament that turns the lights on with one touch.

With Charlotte's fascination for ladybugs this year, when I saw this ladybug christmas tree ornament, I knew I had to buy it!  She loved it :-)

I took this picture today.  Christmas eve on the prairies and it was +6 and not a flake of snow!

Abby's new Christmas flowers

We bought some sparkly, Christmas spinners for Abby too.

The sparkly snowflake and Christmas tree will spin when the wind blows them.  As I walked away from Abby's grave and looked at her new flowers and decorations, I thought "It's not enough."  I wish with all my heart that she was here to open Christmas pajamas, put out cookies, and snuggle with me in front of the Christmas tree lights.  This is our 6th Christmas without her, and I miss her so much.

And our Christmas Eve traditions...

I LOL'd when I saw this picture - shows how excited Charlotte was to open the Christmas eve present!  And as I tucked Julia into bed, she said "I feel like I could run laps around the house!"  I'm sure she could!

Charlotte had already had a bath and put pj's on, but she was very happy to see her NEW Christmas pj's

Kim's new Christmas pj's - she asked for plaid this year

When the Christmas gifts were still in bags in my closet, I had left berry scented bath bombs in the same bag (that they will also get tomorrow).  Julia and Charlotte were sniffing each others' pj's - "Mom, how come my pajamas smell like strawberries?"

Julia liked her new pj's too

Julia insisted on putting out carrots for Santa's reindeer - so cute!

Putting out cookies for Santa

Pouring milk for Santa - Kim is such a good sport to go along with the 'little kid' Christmas traditions :-)

Charlotte took the gift tag that was on her Christmas pj's gift, and wanted to write a note to Santa.  Julia eventually came to watch.

Julia said: Mom!  Charlotte made a perfect "M"! ........ Or, a pretty good "3"
Charlotte added:  Or a "W"!

LOL - they make me laugh :-) 

And before bed, Kim decided to straighten her hair "So that for once, I won't look so awful in the Christmas morning pictures."  Yeah, she'll probably kill me for posting this one ;-)

Soon it will be time to take care of Santa's business and crawl between fresh, warm sheets.  Ho, ho, ho everyone :-)