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Monday, November 14th, 2011 09:58 pm
On a whim, Jack suggested that we go visit Kim, so with some "casual" probing questions I figured out her work and class schedule for this weekend and we hit the road.

With help from one of Kim's school friends, we knew where to find Kim once we arrived.  Kim was at work (at Subway) and we carefully approached the counter, hiding behind other customers and then I loudly and obnoxiously asked, "Can I get fries with that!?"  Kim looked up, looked right at me, and a second later her jaw dropped and she said "What are YOU doing here!?"  LOL - such a big smile though - she was really, truly surprised :-)  The poor girl had to continue working for a few minutes before we could chat, then she called her boss and got permission to leave work early!

We followed Kim back to her place so that she could change out of her work clothes. 

Kim quickly did her dishes - considering that she wasn't expecting us, her place wasn't a total mess.  I guess I raised her RIGHT!  LOL

I brought Kim some goodies - the blue fuzzy Vegas dice she'd asked for, a little something from the Bellagio, and some home-baked brownies and marshmallow squares.  I put the treats in small bags so she could throw them all in the freezer and then take out one when she was needing something sweet from Mom :-)

We took Kim back to our hotel and she hung out with us while we got settled.  Jack and the Littles stayed there to swim while Kim and I went SHOPPING!

Our hotel room was pool-side.  This is how close we were to the pool entrance - I took this picture standing in our hotel room doorway.  Perfect!

After shopping, we picked up Jack and the Littles and headed to a restaurant for supper.

Sharing a Shirley Temple

While we were waiting for Kim's friend to join us, the Littles got very bored (and very much on our nerves) so Kim let them color and draw on her smart phone.

We fed the starving student ;-)

While we had waited for Kim's friend to arrive, we had ordered food for the Littles so they got their food first and finished eating by the time our food came. They were both over-tired and bored (again) so I asked the waitress for some crayons or something.  This is what she brought us:

Instead of some creative coloring, the restaurant owner figures zoning out in front of a screen is better !?  Whatever.  They watched a few minutes of Princess and the Frog while we finished our meal in peace.

Early this morning, we went for a swim.  The pool area is inside a huge atrium and since it was so early there wasn't any sunlight coming in.  We were the only ones in the pool and it was very peaceful.

Before I got in the pool, I walked around the pool area, following the brick walkways to check out the fountain, bridge, etc.

The hotel's bar is in a fenced-in area of the pool room as well, with this piano on an "island".  Very cool.

We picked up Kim in the morning and drove her to school.  (I took this picture in lieu of her traditional 'first day of school' picture ;-)

Kim was such a trooper - she gave us a walking tour of part of the campus.  How many kids would want their little sisters, dad, and mom (with camera in hand), to follow them around their university campus!?  We walked her to her first class and then we headed home.

It was a short visit, but SO worth it to surprise her :-)


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